Are you experiencing…
* depression, sadness, grief
* anxiety, panic, shyness
* effects of stress or trauma
* couples, marital, family conflict
* unfulfilling single’s life

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these…

WELCOME.  As Director of Singular Pathways, a holistic diversity-affirmative psychotherapy practice, I am happy to tell you that learning to experience joyful living is possible. For the past twenty four years with a range of singularly powerful, effective psychotherapy services I have successfully helped hundreds of singles, couples, individuals and families recover from the effects of depression, anxiety, and trauma.  My clients would describe me as a warm, caring, supportive, and skillful clinician. I would enjoy talking with you.

Methods 2869245
* Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy
* Imago Psychoherapy
* Internal Family Systems Therapy
* Psychodrama
*Other traditional and non-traditional psychotherapies

* to eliminate painful effects of depression, anxiety, and trauma
* to honor your right to confidentiality and self-determination
* to foster a creative spirit of collaboration
* to provide effective and timely services
* to integrate a mind, body, spirit perspective

Diversity-Affirmative Services
* Individual Therapy
* Group Therapy
* Singles, Couples, Family Counseling
* Personal Growth Workshops
* Trauma Recovery Workshops