About Me


Thank you for visiting and I am pleased to tell you about Singular Pathways, about my background, and about the singular psychotherapies by which I chose to learn and grow.

I am the founding Director of Singular Pathways, a holistic psychotherapy practice. I am a Licensed Certified Social Worker at the Clinical Level, a Certified EMDR clinician, a Certified Psychodramatist, and a Maryland Certified Clinical Social Worker Supervisor. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and trauma-related issues.

For the past twenty-four years I have worked in the Baltimore community effectively providing psychotherapy services to hundreds of clients from diverse walks of life who participate in both traditional and non-traditional social, family, and community life.

Since finding my own healing psychotherapy twenty-eight years ago I have recognized the dynamic connection between the human spirit and the mind, body, and emotions. Consequently I have studied East-West methods of healing since I have been in practice. I have continually trained with world renowned holistically-minded teachers that have provided me with the knowledge, skill, and wisdom to integrate a range of complementary healing psychotherapies into my practice.

I created Singular Pathways to expand my capacity to collaborate with like-minded clinicians, highly skilled therapists who specialize in different areas and who can compliment the services I offer clients when needed and requested.

Singular Pathways is a holistic psychotherapy practice that blends ancient wisdom and modern science to precisely match your needs to the best possible psychotherapies to help you heal and grow. I have been joyfully rewarded over the years by supporting this happen for my clients again and again.

I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I warmly welcome your CALL at (410) 435-3755 or email us in confidence to discuss how our singularly effective psychotherapies can help you.