Are you experiencing couples conflict? Couples unite for many reasons that include love, longing for connection, desire for security, and the excitement to create a life together.  Disconnects occur when couples feel unheard, misunderstood, ignored, unappreciated, criticized, alone, betrayed, disconnected.

Other conflicts arise around money, sex, children, work, and time together.

The truth is that most couples genuinely love and care for each other but they have lost their sense of affection, connection, playfulness, and trust.

Many counseling methods apply individual or family skills to couples work. That does not always work. What does work is a method that educates, empowers, and gives couples the skills to use on their own—after therapy is over. Imago Therapy is such a method.

If you are ready to learn and use the techniques consistently you will infuse your relationship with new energy, new meaning, and a deeply felt sense of loving reconnection.

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