Mission & Methods


  • to provide effective diversity-affirmative psychotherapies in a timely manner
  • to integrate a holistic perspective that integrates mind, body, and spirit
  • to honor your right to confidentiality and self-determination
  • to foster a creative spirit of collaboration

Methods – Your needs, interests, objectives, and comfort level take priority and always determine how we work.

What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful and innovative method of doing psychotherapy. Respectfully and at the pace of the client, it utilizes a set of protocols that engages the mind, body and spirit to naturally find solutions to problems. It is a holistic psychotherapy that utilizes a rich set of protocols to uniquely support the brain to make sense out of our experiences and bring new meaning to our lives.

What is IMAGO Therapy?

IMAGO Psychotherapy is a uniquely effective method to teach couples skills to help restore lost connections, establish healthy communication, experience understanding and compassion, and to re-create together a conscious, loving marriage.


Psychodrama is a form of holistic psychotherapy that employs action to examine problems or issues raised by an individual or a group. Through the use of various action structures psychodrama promotes insight, personal growth, and change on cognitive, emotional, and behavioral levels.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a thought-based method that helps you identify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that create problems in your life. Concurrently, it teaches you ways to change negative thought patterns, offers you methods to calm disturbing emotion, and provides you techniques to extinguish painful reactions.


We are remarkable and complex beings full of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Sometimes these ways of experiencing ourself are in sync and other  times we notice conflict between them.  We often express this conflict by saying “a part of me feels this way but another part feels that way.”  Or “a part of me wants to do this but another part wants to do that.”  Internal Family Systems developer, Richard Schwartz, has learned over the past 20+ years  from thousands of his clients that this language reflects an internal family that  we all seem to have and that has developed in each of us from the time we  were little. It comprises many parts of ourself that bring both richness and pain  to our daily lives, depending on our life experiences.  I have learned from my  clients that Internal Family Systems Therapy gives us a framework to identify,  work with, and bring relief to the parts of Self in pain.  As my clients have  described it, “Internal Family Systems Therapy is “gentle, respectful” and it offers a compassionate way to offer freedom from living our lives shadowed  by anxiety, depression, and/or trauma.  Read more about IFS at: www.selfleadership.org


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