Are you living an unfulfilled singles life?

Being single in a couples world presents painful dilemmas. Most singles want to live self-reliant and productive lives yet they are tired of doing it all alone. The stress of this pull between two seemingly opposing perspectives can often bring a great deal of frustration, anxiety, sadness, and even depression.

To avoid these painful states you might have considered ways to enjoy your life. Perhaps you expanded your network of friends, joined social clubs and dating services, or took singles vacations.

And still you might notice that you continue to have difficulty feeling a consistent sense of excitement and fulfillment without a partner.

And you also might notice that the harder you try the more your sense of self takes a nose dive into loneliness, longing, hopelessness, or despair of ever finding peace and happiness.

Please take note — you can have a fulfilling life.

Fifteen years ago I discovered and became certified in EMDR, also known as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.  Two years ago I began training in the Internal Family Systems Therapy.  Both are powerfully effectively psychotherapies that have helped my clients uniformly and consistently shift from states of isolation and loneliness to robust experiences of loving connection with self and others.

So, if you are ready…

  • to focus on yourself!
  • to give yourself time to discover the many strengths and empowering resources you have!
  • to learn to consistently experience yourself as always capable, competent, and loveable!


I invite you to email or CALL ME at (410) 435.3755 for a free consultation.

to discuss the specific ways EMDR can help you.